Paging Lil Kim: Nobody Gives a Fuck About You

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Top 5 or not, The Notorious B.I.G will always be the Captain Save-A-Ho that everyone knew he was, but that nobody dared to speak out loud.  He took the little street rat Kimberly Jones out of the ruins of Brooklyn and turned her into the mega rap star she became.

But that was two decades ago.  Considering she has done absolutely NOTHING in about 10 whole years, aside from transform into a LaToya Jackson doppelgänger, there is absolutely no reason why publications should still be writing about her.

Lil Kim is delusional.  She has this grandiose image in her mind that has convinced her she’s the Kim of old.  She’s still bragging about “paving the way” for female rappers who dress like  fatherless whores and circus clowns… like Nicki Minaj.

And even worse, journalists still seem to think there’s a reason to care about a washed-up rapper whose time has long since passed.

“…gossip blogs… [propel] mean-spirited and personal attacks on her image,” writes Stereo Williams of  “Her legacy is close to unquestionable.”

Let’s get this shit straight right now.

LIL KIM fucked up her face, NOT THE PUBLIC.  Her outlandish and relentless obsession with plastic surgery has destroyed her image, NOT THE PUBLIC.  She sashays and poses in front of photographers looking like a blown-up raggedy ann doll with her face 10 shades lighter than her neck.  But then takes shit personally and blames Photoshop when people thinks it’s funny.

If a woman dresses up as Miss Piggy and walks down the red carpet at a music awards event, you mean to tell me nobody’s gonna laugh at that shit?

‘Cause I don’t know about you, but that’s exactly what I see whenever I see Lil Kim:  A black ass Pig with a fucked up nose.

Stereo Williams, you gotta stop this shit, man.

And “her legacy is close to unquestionable”? Based on what, Stereo? Her ability to recite someone else’s rhymes?

That entire Rollingout article is clearly written with obvious bias and with not a speck of objectivity– the complete opposite of what journalism is supposed to represent.  Yet at the same time, it criticizes bloggers.  Bad job there, Mr. Williams.

Tell your editor to read a college textbook on journalistic ethics and try again.

But back to Kimmy.

This old broad needs to be brought back down to earth.  And one day, it will happen.

One day she will wake up and realize that nobody cares about her anymore.  She will come to terms with the fact that she is a has-been who will never be relevant again. She will also come to the realization that she’s old, used-up, and run-through, and there will no longer be a trick out there dumb enough–like Scott Storch— to deplete their funds while supporting her costly plastic surgery habit.

There was a time when I was a fan of Lil Kim.   But that was BEFORE she became arrogant.

She’s a bum with a head bigger than Kanye West’s.  How does that even work?


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