Miley Cyrus is Full of Shit


Let me break down this publicity stunt bullshit:

1. Miley Cyrus’s quotes about Beyonce hit the net.  2. Twitter, Facebook, and all media websites explode with this breaking story.  (These quotes are supposedly “LEAKED” from an interview Miley did with Love Magazine.)  3. Miley “wakes up,” in the morning, hops on Twitter, and cries foul play like she has no idea of what the fuck is going on, acting all confused and shit.

Stupid broad, you might be fooling everyone else, but you’re not fooling me.


This is what I call a well thought-out, planned and executed PUBLICITY STUNT.

“Beyonce has been a big inspiration to me, but she’s been out for such a long time,” Miley supposedly said.  “I got the total package you know, the curves, the rhythm and the voice. I’m just the best.”

“As Beyonce grows in motherhood and all the crap it does to your body, it will create a vacuum for fresh young faces to rise up,” the quote continued.  “I’m the only white female singer that could fill that slot right now and do it right, you know? I’m just the total package, you know?

This shit doesn’t even sound believable.  Not even for an attention-whoring, skinny, flat-assed blonde bitch named Miley.

And how convenient– they used Bey, the top-selling artist at the moment.

“This has to be an old interview,” some have said, “because Beyonce’s new album already went platinum.”

That’s the point, you dumb fucks.  Making it appear as if these things were said BEFORE Bey’s album came out adds to the authenticity of the interview… the interview that Miley is acting like she never had.

Well of course she never actually had the interview.  Her publicists drafted the quotes, and Miley read them and gave them the green light to send them out.

“This will keep the hype around you fresh,” they told her.  “All you have to do is get on Twitter tomorrow morning, act shocked, and deny everything.”

See, these bullshit celebrities doing any and everything for attention is why I rarely have anything nothing nice to say.  And mothafuckas wonder why I’m so annoyed and pissed off all the time.

What bothers me more are the blind sheep, the fans, the everyday people who spend half their day talking about these morons and have absolutely no ability to identify manufactured marketing tactics.  Even if they’re as desperate and forced as this one is.

Miley said she’s “getting to the bottom” of who “made up” these quotes so they can “retract the statement.”

Yeah.  Okay.


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