Ke$ha in Rehab … for the Wrong Reason


Ke$ha, the pop singer who outdoes Fergie in the Trailer Trash, Walk-Around-Barefooted, Smell-Like-Balogney department, is in rehab… for anorexia.  Not for methamphetamine, shockingly.

Apparently, some big-named producer started ragging on her weight, saying she “looks like a fucking refrigerator.”  And, like a typical white girl with issues, the broad started starving herself.

Yeah, looking at the above pic, she actually does resemble a fridge.  But she also looks like your 63-year-old neighbor with a face that has “meth user” etched across her forehead.  Picture one of the Golden Girls sniffing coke in a hillbilly trailer park.

Archetypal white trash.  She’s like one of those Indiana rednecks that come from a family full of people with chromosomal issues because all the relatives have cousins as siblings and parents as uncles.

Kesha is the type of chick to piss on herself, then tie her sweater around her waist, attempt to douse the smell with a bottle of perfume, then carry on with her day like the shit didn’t happen.  Then pull out a snuggie… and shake your hand minutes later.

You may be reading this post and think the shit is personal, but it’s not.  I’m just saying what everyone is thinking when they see this broad but are too pussy to speak it.  Go ahead… agree.  You know you be thinking the shit.

Entertainers like Kesha I can’t fuck with.  At all.  She falls in the category of “why did this broad get a record deal” and “people who can’t sing but met the right person at the right time” … Like JLo.

But don’t get me started on studio singers that pimped the system with no talent.  That’s a whole new post…


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