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Ke$ha in Rehab … for the Wrong Reason


Ke$ha, the pop singer who outdoes Fergie in the Trailer Trash, Walk-Around-Barefooted, Smell-Like-Balogney department, is in rehab… for anorexia.  Not for methamphetamine, shockingly.

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Miley Cyrus is Full of Shit


Let me break down this publicity stunt bullshit:

1. Miley Cyrus’s quotes about Beyonce hit the net.  2. Twitter, Facebook, and all media websites explode with this breaking story.  (These quotes are supposedly “LEAKED” from an interview Miley did with Love Magazine.)  3. Miley “wakes up,” in the morning, hops on Twitter, and cries foul play like she has no idea of what the fuck is going on, acting all confused and shit.

Stupid broad, you might be fooling everyone else, but you’re not fooling me.

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