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So Long… For Now




People I’m Tired Of: Rihanna


This island hoodrat was just 2 tricks away from being sold into sex slavery before some divine intervention pulled her into the limelight.

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Who Am I?

Just another blogger.  Just another writer behind yet another blog that will be swallowed into the maelstrom of a million other blogs.  But it doesn’t matter.  Because I’m not here to make money.  I’m not here to make friends.  That’s not what this is for.  This thing is to voice my opinion of the world… in the most unapologetic and brutally honest manner– because that’s the only way I know how to write.

If you know anything about my work, you know that I hate most rappers– like Drake.  I hate most people who don’t deserve to be famous– like Kim Kardashian.  I hate silly Americans and their uninformed, ignorant stances on shit they know nothing about.  Like Sarah Palin.  Or Michele Bachmann.  Is that you? Are you that bitch ass nigga? Are you that 3-ring circus clown?  Are you that cock-curddling airhead with no talent? Then heads up: The next post I write might be about you.

Like what I have to say? Cool.  Don’t like it? Then don’t.  But don’t waste your time talking shit on here like my obsessive and self-destructive former following.