Rick Ross has a Thing for Khloe Kardashian

Khloe Kardashian Keeping Up With Kardashians Fat Ugly Tranny Weight Mess Pig

“Got a thing for Khloe,” rapped Rick Ross.

Why? She looks like a pig in makeup and heels.

But then again, Ross is the size of a beach whale, so two fat slobs bumping stomachs would probably work.

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Cory Gunz: Real Lyricist, Fake Gangsta


Back in my official journalism days, I once interviewed Cory Gunz (he was 19-years-old, soft spoken, and even softer than a batch of cookies fresh out the oven).  He stumbled out of the cab he took to his (then) manager’s office where he met me– on Broadway and near Bleeker Street– and ran straight to the bathroom… where he stayed for about 15 minutes.

“Car sick,” he said as he sat down next to me, clenching his stomach.  And later: “I aint a gangster rapper.  I’m not out here shootin niggas, catchin a million bodies.”

So you can only imagine my surprise when I found out Gunz was facing a gun charge.

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Drake is a Bitch, Cont’d


This bitch’s government name is AUBREY.  He even went to a Jewish school, had a bar mitzvah, and was an actor on the teen drama “Degrassi” where he played the complete opposite to who he currently portrays as a rapper.

With these three things put together, it absolutely BAFFLES me that he’s able to attract nothing but hoodrats to his shows.

How is this shit even possible?

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Dear, Stupid People:

Don’t comment with dumb and obvious shit like “you’re angry,” blah blah blah.

‘Cause then I’ll have the right to reply with “you’re a fuckin idiot.”

“Civil” is the complete opposite of who I am.  I suggest you take a class on Sarcasm.

“Irreverence”: LOOK IT UP.  Then write the definition down enough times so that you get it or fuck off.