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First World Problems: J.Lo is Singing Again


Being bombarded with bullshit and worthless reality TV stars in just about every corner of American media isn’t enough.  We still have untalented singers refusing to go away and STILL TRYING TO SING.

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A Generation of Fake Gangstas

Are you a gangster… or a gangsta?

There’s definitely a difference.  And it’s no secret that most of these gangsta rappers idolize the gangsters that are portrayed as glorified murderers all over the news, TV and the silver screen:

“Scarface.”  “Goodfellas.”  Lucky Luciano.  Al Capone.  “The Godfather.” Murder, Inc.  The 5 families.  John Gotti.  Every single one of these real-life individuals, syndicates, fictional characters and stories have been used and reused amongst the hip-hop community.  Even stick-up kids like the original 50 Cent and drug kingpins like the real Rick Ross have had their names jacked and their persona imitated through the rappers who pretend to have lived their lives.

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Come Out Wherever You are, 50 Cent


50 Cent started that ridiculous “first week sales” bullshit, then, ironically, had to keep pushing back Before I Self Destruct because it was projected to sell less albums than Metta World Peace’s Ron Artest’s.  Pride prevented him from facing the music and accepting the fact that he had gotten beaten by his own game.

Then he fucked up his legacy with that stupid ass Pimpin Curly shit.

Been quiet, lately, Fithy.  Where the fuck you at now, nigga?

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